Ever changing and evolving, the Berlin based eclectic collective JAZZANOVA went from their early sampled and programmed productions in the 90‘s to a singer songwriter and live band project in early 2009.

Within the past 5 years JAZZANOVA LIVE FEAT. PAUL RANDOLPH played far over 150 shows around the globe including festivals like MELT!, FLOW, CAPETOWN JAZZ, JAVA JAZZ, NORTH SEA JAZZ to name but a few. Jazzanova producers Stefan Leisering & Axel Reinemer succeeded in bringing the spirit of their productions, remixes and extensive DJ touring on the live stage. Whoever had the chance to see them play live knows how magical this experience can be. Like no others they transport the richness and sublimity of their productions perfectly on stage.

After extensively touring worldwide JAZZANOVA finally takes it to the next stage: The FUNKHAUS STUDIO SESSIONS‘. Their first live album release will please every true music lover with an affinity for warm, soulful, deep and genuine musicianship. It represents their live playlist including the songs the band learned to love the most on tour as well as the audience‘s favourites and last but not least their fantastically soulful new song ‚I HUMAN‘. The album was recorded at the legendary GDR Rundfunk Orchestra Studios in East Berlin and was released on SONAR KOLLEKTIV in May 2012.

Their new single ‚NOW THERE IS WE‘ featuring Paul Randolph is out early February 2014. Once again Paul Randolph takes care of vocal business and wrote lyrics that are as uplifting as only he can provide. The outcome is an infectious hybrid of vocal house and soulful pop with an ultra deep bass line.


  • Andre Lodemann
  • Lay-Far
  • Art of Tones
  • Jazzanova
  • Roland Appel
  • Rainer Trüby
  • Mat Mats & Tooli (Local Talk)


  • Jazzanova Live
  • Mop Mop Feat. Anthony Joseph.